Custom Manufacturing Solutions


CMS develops, engineers and manufactures unique products for inventors, artists and entrepreneurs. For over 25 years, the leaders of CMS have cultivated relationships with manufacturing facilities in the US and numerous other nations and have built a full-service supply chain for products of many kinds. CMS has produced and delivered many varieties of finished products. If you have a product idea or patent that you would like to produce, please contact CMS at [email protected] or (931) 996-4362 for a product consultation.


CMS has recently opened a food production facility for our largest customer. The facility is over 31,000 square feet and includes four large pharmaceutical grade production clean rooms. CMS owns several large processing machines built to mix and package many types of raw and baked goods. We have added a coffee roaster, a protein bar line and several other specialty machines that are available to all our clients.

CMS provides two primary groups of services:
food products and non-food products


CMS regularly sources many diverse types of ingredients from five continents. Many of these ingredients are superfoods, high-quality sweeteners and other raw components of natural products. From these ingredients we produced baking blends, muffin mixes, crackers, protein bars and numerous other products. We also offer these machines to our clients to produce their food products. In addition, our company can store and ship these products to the end customer.


CMS has engineers, designers, quality control managers and logistics specialists in the US and Southeast Asia to facilitate the production of products quickly and economically for our clients. We walk our clients through a 12-step process to help ensure the success of their product launch. Once the products is manufactured, CMS brokers shipping and delivery. Items can be shipped to the client or to CMS’ sister company, KwikShip.  KwikShip can act as your warehouse and shipper for every order you receive. Decades of success in this process has produced a low-risk way to develop ideas and patented products into inventory and cash flow.